The largest variety of karts

At Amigo Karting, you will find not only the largest number of karts offered in the area, but also the widest range of karts models available! Here are the models that we offer you.

Mini-kart (8 to 12 years old)

To entertain your toddlers

With a safe and maximum speed of 30km/h, this kart model is basically designed to ensure greater safety for children. Wondering if your children are tall enough? No worries, the seats are adjustable so it will fit your children.

engine icon  5.5 HP
  30 KM/H
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Go-kart (12+ years old)

For a family trip

The perfect model for families and friends! The Go-Karts can reach a reasonable speed of 45km/h. You want to share this fun time with someone else? Get in a Double Go-Kart (see below).

engine icon  5.5 HP
  45 KM/H
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Double Go-Kart
(12+ years old*)

To double the fun

The two seats kart allows participants to share a fun time. A second wheel will give your passenger the impression of controlling the kart. * Children can be passengers from the age of 3 and they must be driven by an adult.

engine icon  9.0 HP
  45 KM/H
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Super-kart (16+ years old)

To fill your need for speed

With the Super-Karts, it’s a guaranteed pleasure! At 5cm from the ground, you will stick on the track. Have you always dreamed of driving a racing car? The Super-Kart is the affordable way to feel the same sensation. You will feel the adrenaline rush, it’s guaranteed! You must be at least 5 feet tall.

engine icon  9.0 HP
  70 KM/H
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Mega-kart (18+ years old)

For thrill-seekers

With its engine of 13.0HP, the Mega-kart is the fastest kart available in the region of Quebec. Only offered at Amigo Karting in Gatineau/Ottawa, this kart stands out not only by its top speed but also by its acceleration. This kart will give you a strong sensation unlike any other. You must be at least 5 feet tall to drive mega-karts.

engine icon  13.0 HP
  90 KM/H
  Valid license
  $100 deposit
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Terms of use

All the runners must wear closed shoes.
Shoes rental is available on site.

Karting is prohibited for pregnant women. It is not recommended to people with heart condition or back problems.

We reserve the right to refuse people who are seen as intoxicated by alcohol or any other substance that may affect their ability to drive.

The most important thing is that you have fun, because karting is all about fun!